‘We help our members grow through a variety of networking opportunities.’

New President is elected

Colm Murphy was recently elected as the new President of the South Armagh Chamber of Commerce and Trade at the AGM taking over from Michael McArdle. The newly elected President thanked all those in attendance and reiterated the good work done by the previous committee in his opening address. “I am up for the challenge ,” said Mr Murphy. “I look forward to the next 12 months by helping to provide the level of programmes and services that our business community deserves. I am excited to work with each and every Chamber member, council official and potential new member business. The Chamber’s mission in short has always been to make South Armagh a better place to live, work and do business.” The new South Armagh Chamber of Commerce is as follows: President Colm Murphy, Vice-President Raymond Sexton, Secretary Robert McAllister, Vice Secretary Fiona Kieron, Treasurer Michael McArdle, PRO Fiona Kieron and Management Committee Members Gerard McMonagle, Mary Short, Gene Carragher, Fiona Bradley, Robert McAllister, Derek Johnston and Maeve McKeown.


Newry Democrat

18th February 2014