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New Year Recruitment Boost for Viltra

Great news from our member, Newry-based wastewater treatment company, Viltra who are gearing up for a recruitment drive this new year with seven new jobs roles and one replacement role available to support continued growth.

The job creation comes at a time when the business is shifting the focus of its business to 70% commercial and 30% domestic, where it would in the past, have been better known for its domestic work.

Viltra develops innovative wastewater treatment plants and systems for commercial customers who care about the environment and want to ensure the wastewater leaving their business is as or almost as, clean as the water that came in.

In the domestic market, Viltra is a leading supplier of one-off or multi-unit sewage treatment plants for new builds and housing developments that cannot get a connection to the main sewer system.

Viltra is based on the Damolly Road in Newry and services the UK and Ireland as well as into France and mainland Europe.

Colm Gribben, CEO of Viltra said:

“We have been steadily growing the business over the last number of years, particularly outside of Northern Ireland. Part of this recruitment drive is to service the ROI and UK market with roles in the South and in Scotland. We are also growing our operations, manufacturing and design teams in Newry to support projected demand for 2024 and beyond.”

“This is an exciting time for the business as we continue to deliver innovation and efficiency in a variety of markets including with well-known entities, The National Trust and RSPB as well as private organisations such as Finnebrogue and DELI LITES.”

“Our team are at the heart of what we do and we look forward to welcoming new people in the coming months. Once appointed the new employees will bring the team up to more than 40 people.”

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