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Newry Business Leaders meet the Bank of England


The Agent for Northern Ireland of the Bank of England, Ms Frances Hill and Economist Dave England, met with Newry business leaders at an event organised by the Newry Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Bank of England on 5th September 2016. 

The business lunch, which took place at the Canal Court Hotel saw the Northern Ireland Agent host a question and answer session, during which the business audience outlined their thoughts on the current economic conditions post Brexit.

Speaking at the event, Michael McKeown, President of Newry Chamber of Commerce, said;

“It was a great honour to welcome our colleagues from the Bank of England and for the opportunity for our local business leaders to have such an open and honest discussion about the implications of Brexit on their businesses.  The event also provided a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the economy from a key authority and to relay our business community’s current views on the economic climate.  Events such as today’s, are vital in helping to shape the economic debate and to ensure that business and the economy remain at the forefront of the news agenda”.