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Newry Cathedral Corridor Pubic Realm Scheme – Marcus Street works nearing completion

Following the pre-Christmas start to the scheme, environmental improvement works are now nearing completion in Marcus Street, with on-site works soon shifting to Margaret Street. 

Contractors ‘Deane Public Works’, will be on-site delivering the scheme through to September 2016.

The scheme is focusing on sections of Upper Hill Street and the associated side streets of Margaret and Marcus Street.  The nature of the works involve the under-grounding of overhead services, installation of new kerbing & pathways in natural stone paving/asphalting, carriageway resurfacing, new decorative street lighting, new street furniture and tree planting.

In light of so much planned activity, regular liaison is being held with local elected councillors, statutory agencies and trader representatives from the Newry City Centre Management Partnership.

Mindful of the town’s busy streets, the contractor in fulfilling their Public Liaison role will be in touch with effected Traders throughout the duration of the scheme to keep them informed and take on board key delivery times and access requirements they have.

Acknowledging the on-going delivery of the scheme, Mayor of Newry Mourne and Down District Council, Councillor Michael Ruane stated that, ‘The initial works nearing completion in Marcus Street, have already brought a great visual improvement to this city centre area, which should assist in increasing the footfall for the benefit of local traders’.

For anyone wanting to view imagery of the scheme, they can do so by either visiting the council’s website www.newrymournedown.org or calling into the Sean Hollywood Arts Centre.