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Newry Cathedral Quarter Public Realm – Public Consultation 2014

An Environmental Improvement Scheme is in the process of being planned for Newry’s Cathedral Corridor onHill Street (i.e.Upper Hill Streetand its associated Side Streets). The works will comprise the under-grounding of overhead services & the installation of new kerbing, paving, street furniture and tree planting.  New decorative street lighting is also proposed as part of the scheme.

The proposals can be viewed in Sean Hollywood Arts Centre from Monday 27th January until Friday 7th February 2014.  Comments sheets will be available for you to have your say. Proposals can also be viewed and commented upon through the Councils Website of www.newryandmourne.gov.uk


Consultants will be available on Tuesday 4th February 2014 in the Parish Centre (The Mall) from 4 pm -8 pm should you wish to discuss the proposals with them in more detail.


In particular, the Department for Social Development (DSD) and the Council would encourage traders to come along and view the proposals and feed your views into the process.


While your input to the design is important, the Council and DSD funder is aware of the need to further inform traders via another Drop-in, following Contractor Appointment, on the phasing of scheme implementation.