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Newry Chamber addresses leading European Journalists on the serious implications of Brexit

Twelve leading European journalists representing national newspapers such as Spanish newspaper ‘El Pais’ and French newspaper ‘Le Figaro’, met with representatives of Newry Chamber of Commerce at a press conference organised on Thursday 16th February by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Newry Chamber along with representatives of other regional Chambers, spoke very frankly and openly on the serious implications of Brexit for the border region and theIslandofIrelandas a whole.

President of Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade, Michael McKeown welcomed the platform to let the business voice heard on a European level.  He said “We are now at a very serious juncture where we need to let our European counterparts hear how the business community here could be affected.  The economic transformation of the Newry region will be put at risk.  Over the last 25 years, the Newry business community has taken advantage of the dissolution of the border as a barrier to the movement of goods and people – growing world beating, locally owned, innovative companies now employing thousands and making an enormous contribution to the NI economy”. 

Dr. Conor Patterson also representing Newry Chamber made a very earnest plea on behalf of the business community for bespoke arrangements.  He said “Our geographic situation, economic structure, as well as the political settlement as laid down in the Good Friday Agreement and St Andrews Agreement, mean that bespoke arrangements are essential”.