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Newry Chamber Calls for Government Intervention in ‘Cost of Living’ Crisis

Newry Chamber today outlined the organisation’s concerns regarding the spiralling ‘Cost of Living’ Crisis, which is severely impacting businesses, as well as individuals and families.

The Chamber is calling for Government intervention and will be embarking on a series of engagements with local MPs and MLAs to appeal for action.

Julie Gibbons, President of Newry Chamber said:

“We are hearing daily from members, large and small, about the impact that the increasing rate of inflation and the ever rising the cost of energy, fuel and materials, is having on their businesses. It is not sustainable. We are already seeing hospitality outlets across Northern Ireland closing as a result. We need action or we will see a lot more businesses closing their doors in the weeks and months ahead.”

“Businesses have had the most challenging two years in many of their trading histories. Just when we are potentially seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we are hit with another crisis. This is impacting everyone and just like during the Covid crisis, we need Government intervention.”

“We have been vocal on behalf of our members, about the requirement for a functioning Executive. In a crisis it serves no one well to not have the ability to govern, to make decisions on behalf of business and civic community or to assign support where it is most needed.”

“We have written to our local MPs and MLAs to request urgent meetings to discuss a way forward. We are hoping that our plea will not fall on deaf ears. We hope that measures can be put in place to save and support our local business community who provide essential services in all aspects of our daily lives.”

Newry Chamber represents more than 300 businesses and organisations across the Greater Newry, Mourne and South Armagh region.