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Newry Chamber Calls For New Executive To Deliver For Business

Welcoming the return of the Northern Ireland Executive, the President of Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade, Emma Marmion, has called for the new Executive to deliver for business.

Following the formation of the new Executive, Emma said:

“On behalf of businesses in the Greater Newry Area, we are delighted that the Executive is back at work. Local ministers best understand the needs of local businesses. As a business community, we look forward to working with the Executive to deliver economic growth in the region.”

“The Southern Relief Road is a key economic priority for the Greater Newry Area. We welcome the commitment in the New Decade, New Approach document to the Belfast Region City Deal. Delivering the City Deal is key to delivering the Southern Relief Road. It will greatly improve access to Warrenpoint Port, ease congestion in Newry City Centre and improve access to the Mournes.”

“The Greater Newry Area is a dynamic growing economy which has contributed significantly to the Northern Ireland and All Island economies. We look to the new Executive to ensure that post-Brexit our businesses can continue to trade, grow and create new employment opportunities.”

“The Executive will face many challenges in the coming months but for businesses we want to see a fairer rates system. A system which protects the High Street and doesn’t act as a barrier to the many businesses that create employment in the Greater Newry Area. We need investment in our infrastructure and transport system so our goods and people can move freely. Our businesses need support to invest in their people so they can remain competitive and we must have an education system which is tailored to the needs of local businesses.”

“Innovation and creativity are at the heart of growth in the Greater Newry Area and must be central to the new Executive’s economic strategy. To remain competitive, investment in broadband and the roll out of 5G are crucial for future growth.”

“A growing economy also needs public services which meet the needs of local communities. Newry Chamber and local businesses have been strong advocates for Daisy Hill Hospital remaining a key Regional Hospital. We will work with the local community, businesses and health professionals to ensure that investment in Daisy Hill remains a priority for the Northern Ireland Executive.”