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Newry Chamber Responds to Westminster Vote on Withdrawal Agreement

Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade has expressed disappointment at Westminster’s rejection of the withdrawal agreement and has called on the government to honour their commitment to avoid a hard border.

Commenting on the vote, Colm Shannon, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber said:

“The Prime Minister told us that the withdrawal agreement and the backstop were the only way to avoid a hard border on the Island of Ireland.

Businesses from Newry, along with other Northern Ireland businesses met with her in Downing Street to demonstrate our support for the agreement she had negotiated. We also met her when she visited Queens University, where she again reinforced her commitment to the backstop as the only viable solution to avoiding a hard border.

An open border is essential for our local businesses and there is a real fear we are heading for a no deal. A no deal will create a tariff and regulatory border on the Island of Ireland and have a real impact on our local economy. We need the Prime Minister to honour her commitment and deliver a deal which avoids a hard border.”