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Newry Chamber Supports FE Colleges’ Call for Education Reform

The recently launched 10X Skills Strategy for Northern Ireland sets out a number of challenging recommendations that could help address skills deficits and ensure that the right people are qualified for the right jobs. However, the new Executive must guarantee that this strategy is fully funded and resources made available so that this can be fully implemented.  

Following the election there is now an opportunity to provide people with better access to vocational education and training within the wider education system in Northern Ireland. A new Executive must take a holistic approach to skills development and all Executive departments must commit to seeing the Skills Strategy implemented and commit to a new vision for education in Northern Ireland. 

The FE sector are urging a new Northern Ireland Executive to consider this approach and prioritise greater collaborative working between Departments to bring forward solutions that will close the skills deficit, reduce the current level of duplication within the education system and deliver on the ambitions of the Skills Strategy and create a better, more balanced economy for Northern Ireland.

The Principles of the six FE Colleges in Northern Ireland are sending a letter to the Ministers urging them to take notice of the skills shortages and highlighting where FE can work with businesses across Northern Ireland to ensure the challenges they are facing are addressed.