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Newry Chamber Unveil New Logo

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution and revamping of our entire branding & communication channels. We decided to incorporate the Newry Town Hall into the new logo because of its instantly recognisable architecture which is immediately linked to the Newry Region as one of our most well known landmarks.

We also decided to include the Newry Canal to illustrate Newrys rich history as a merchant city and as a trading hub, a feature that is still evident in the city today. Finally, we included the year, 1892 which signifies the date in which the Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade was established. The Newry Chamber thrives to evolve with the changing times, to offer our members the best possible service whether that be through representation, lobbying and the promotion of the Greater Newry Area as a prominent place to do business.