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Newry Chamber Welcomes Proposed Brexit Deal

Newry Chamber of Commerce & Trade welcomes the proposed Brexit Deal as “a move in the right direction.”

Colm Shannon, Chief Executive of Newry Chamber said:

“From the outset of the Brexit negotiations, Newry Chamber’s position has been that we want to stay within the Customs Union and the Single Market. A No Deal Brexit is not an option and is a risk to jobs and to our economy.

The Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU is a move in the right direction. It should ensure that our businesses and retailers can continue to operate largely as they do at present. The agreement on a Transition Period up to 2020 with a possible further extension will also bring further clarity and certainty for local businesses.”

Colm also described the proposed backstop position as “an important insurance policy.” He added that although the agreement represented progress, there was concern at the high level of political uncertainty.

Colm added:

“The Agreement still has to be signed off at the EU Council meeting on 25th November and by the UK Parliament next month. At all costs we must avoid a No Deal Brexit and the possibility of a Hard Border. We would encourage our politicians to work in partnership to deliver what is best for our area.”

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