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Newry moves up gears on road to ecars

Newry is set to be one of the driving forces in an innovative new scheme aimed at steering more people towards electric cars. The ecar project will see a network of electric vehicle charging points installed in six towns and cities across the north – including Newry – with the first ones due to be in place by the end of the year. An electric car uses a battery powered electric motor effectively replacing the petrol or diesel engine as the means of moving the car. Experts claim it cuts down on carbon emissions and offers an important alternative to fossil fuel powered travel. The ecar project, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland is investing more than £2m in electric vehicle infrastructure and will see charging points installed at various locations in the next two years. As well as public charged posts in Newry and five other areas, rapid chargers will also be placed near major motorways. And the possibility of enabling people to charge their electric cars anywhere is also being explored with charging points potentially being installed in workplaces and houses. It is hoped that the first charging points will be installed by the end of the year. Speaking about the initiative Transport Minister Danny Kennedy said he hoped the project would help raise the awareness of electric vehicles. The ecar brand is similar to the brand used in the Republic of Ireland making it easier for electric vehicle users too recognise charging points across the island.


Newry Democrat

25th October 2011