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Night works for water

Ongoing water mains laying and refurbishment work on Hill Street is causing less disruption than you might initially have expected  – due to the fact that the three week project is being progressed at night. Speaking to the Reporter Jack Murphy the chair of Newry City Centre Management said that Northern Ireland Water had been helpful in reducing inconvenience. “Initially the work was planned for during the day in October so we got it pushed back until after Christmas and to night time,” he said. “The only bit in the day was on Marcus Street as there are no residents there.” As such the only evidence of the works that shoppers will have seen are small fenced off areas and information boards informing the public of the timeline of the works. According to Mr Murphy this reflects the consider the considerate approach for the works. “Fenced off areas are better than works going on,” he said. “Seeing machinery would be a big turn off for shoppers so we are thankful for that as so often people don’t listen when concerns are raised.”


Newry Reporter

26th February 2014