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Norbrook to remain an ‘independent business’

Norbrook has moved to strengthen its board and management team as it makes clear its intention to remain an independent business. In the aftermath of the tragic death of founder Lord Ballyedmond in March, the Newry based veterinary pharmaceuticals company revealed in a statement that Lady Ballyedmond, Professor James Haughey and Edward Haughey have all been appointed to its board joining existing members Sir Roy McNulty and Martin Murdock. Sir Roy associated with Norbrook for many years as an advisor and board member has been appointed chairman whilst Lady Ballyedmond will take the role of deputy chair. The statement said that it was Norbrook’s intention ‘to further strengthen the board over the next year or two through the appointment of a CEO and a Director of Global Sales and Marketing, with the recruitment process already underway. Pending appointment of a CEO the day to day running of the company will be carried out by its managing committee, chaired by Dr Lilian Cromie. Lady Ballyedmond said: “It is our intention tha tNOrbrook will remain under control of the family as an independent company within the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. It is also our intention that the company’s headquarters and its main R&D and manufacturing operations will continue to be located in Newry.” Sir Roy added: “I am honoured to have been appointed as Chairman of Norbrook. The company has every prospect of a very bright future through building on the strong foundations laid by Lord Balyedmond over the past 45 years. There are many exciting opportunities ahead of Norbrook and it will be our aim to continue on the path of profitable innovation-led growth which the company has followed since its inception.


Newry Reporter

22nd October 2014