‘We help our members grow through a variety of networking opportunities.’

On the Roadshow

The latest meeting of Manufacturing Northern Ireland (MNI) has taken place at Ian Hill Engineering Carnbane Business Park on Friday September 12. The Manufacturing Manifesto has been on the road over the past few months holding a series of meetings across a range of constituencies. The manifesto is an invitation to politicians and policy makers to create the conditions which will see manufacturing thrive and as a result transform every constituency in Northern Ireland through creating jobs, a strong local supply chain and internationally competitive businesses. The document which looks at issues such as energy costs, industrial rates, skills and the many challenges facing exporters will help MNI foster a partnership approach with the Executive going forward. The aim is to help create conditions which will allow our manufacturing companies to build on recent successes, survive, develop and thrive in increasingly competitive markets at home and abroad. MNI Chief Executive Steven Kelly said that the response from MLAs over the previous four meetings in Portadown, Enniskillen, Derry and Toomebridge have been very positive. He added that members are also keen and highlight the significant challenges facing the manufacturing sector across Northern Ireland. “Our history as an organization is based on building support for our manufacturing sector. We have a deep understanding of the issues faced in doing business, growing export and develop new markets. Our members have shown remarkable strength over the past decade to weather the storm of international downturn, creating significant challenges at home and abroad,” he said. Our manufacturing sector is resourceful and innovative and much has been achieved particularly in recent years. But times are still hard and as an organization MNI wants to deepen the relationship between our manufacturers and our decision makers,” he added.


Newry Democrat

23rd September 2014