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Parking masterplanned

It has often been said that people in Newry would sell their grandmother for a parking space and now finally plans appear to be afoot to create a ‘Parking Masterplan for the city. At a July 290 meeting with Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy Councillors sought to uncover  an innovative and forward thinking pilot parking plan for the city’. Among the proposals put forward are:

  • Investigating the possibility of being able to transfer a ticket from one part of the city to another
  • The extension of the five hours for £1 scheme and the inclusion of free parking after 3pm
  • Introducing Park and Ride systems in the city
  • Providing a walkway from North Street Parking area to the City Centre (Margaret Street)
  • The introduction of parking permits for residents in problem areas (eg Drumalane Road)
  • Converting free car park at Soho Bus Station into a facility for coaches
  • Carrying out an audit of how many people working in Newry City Centre
  • Providing car parking at the former Tax Office site (Merchant’s Quay) and Toase’s yard


Newry Reporter

6th August 2014