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PSNI – Business Security Advice


DO NOT hold large amounts of cash in your till(s).  Identify how much you need in your till(s) and ensure staff stick to that limit.  Ensure excess cash is stored in a secure area, preferably a safe.



DO NOT count cash in public view.  Cashing up should take place in a back room where the safe is located and with a locked door.



Banking is a vulnerable time.  The journey to the bank leaves you without the security you have in your premises.  Think Ahead.  Identify a number of routes to your bank.  These should be in busy public areas which are well lit and preferably covered by CCTV.  Avoid routine, use different routes at different times.  Bank runs should not be done alone and staff completing them should make sure colleagues know where they are going and when they expect to be back.  You can also consider increasing the number of bank runs each one with less cash.  If you regularly bank large amounts of cash you should consider using a professional cash handling company.



You are most vulnerable when opening and closing your premises, particularly those which open early and close late in the evening.  Ideally two staff members should open and close up, one should stand back from the premises with a mobile phone looking for anything suspicious.  The other member of staff should check no-one is left in store, set the alarm and secure the premises.



You should consider displaying signs about time delay safes, CCTV and any other security measures you have in place.  For CCTV there is a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act to provide details of who to contact to obtain images.



Staff should be trained in how to deal with violent and confrontational situations and any security measures you have in place.  Local Police can also provide some training with Staff which is arranged through the City Centre Management & Chamber of Trade & Commerce.



Dummy CCTV cameras provide no assistance to a Police investigation, all CCTV cameras should record.

Mirrors can assist in covering blind spots on your shop floor.

Display ‘Loop’ Alarms can be used alongside ‘tags’ to protect high value goods.

Remote Door Locks can be useful to restrict access and allow staff to control access at times of highest risk, later on in the evening or when staffing is lower.

Alarms both intruder and personal attack alarms should be considered.  A Personal Attack or ‘Hold-Up’ Alarm can be sued to notify Police of an ongoing incident requiring immediate response.

Safes are a good investment and should be installed correctly by a professional company.


Should you require any further information or assistance or wish to avail of a Security assessment of your premises please do not hesitate to contact Kenny Gracey, Temporary Sergeant, Newry City East Neighbourhood Policing Team


Tel         0845 600 8000 | Ext 35339

Mobile    078 2793 2380

E-mail    kenneth.gracey@psni.pnn.police.uk