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PUBLIC RALLY: Daisy Hill Hospital Needs You

Newry Chamber are represented on the Daisy Hill Hospital Future Group and we urge you to please read the statement from the group on the latest position at the Hospital.

A public will be held on Sunday 25th June at 2pm at Marcus Square, Newry before making its way to Daisy Hill Hospital.

We would encourage our members and their employees to attend the public rally this weekend in Newry to show your support.

Statement from Daisy Hill Hospital Future Group:

The Daisy Hill Hospital Future Group is a partnership of elected politicians, business leaders and representatives from across the community and voluntary sector who are committed to securing services at Daisy Hill Hospital and ensuring its future as a major healthcare hub, providing safe and accessible services to the ever-growing population across Newry, South Armagh, South Down and further afield.

In light of the current challenges facing the stability of the specialist medical consultant workforce in Daisy Hill Hospital, the Future Group met with the Permanent Secretary for Health, Peter May and Senior Departmental and Trust officials to seek assurance that:

  • The specialist doctors in General Medical Services required to support the Emergency Department in Daisy Hill will remain in place to ensure that Daisy Hill ED will continue to provide safe, high-quality care and access to specialist medical support and will remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients presenting to Daisy Hill ED will experience no change to the excellent care they can expect. The Permanent Secretary and Trust Chief Executive have given that commitment and the Future Group will be kept informed as to the progress on this commitment.
  • Stroke Patients self-presenting at Daisy Hill will still have access to rapid assessment and effective treatment, including thrombolysis where that is appropriate, as part of their acute care. If needed, stroke patients will be transferred to Craigavon Hospital for their inpatient acute care, usually between 3 and 5 days, but will receive their Stroke Rehabilitation locally, either in their own home or in Daisy Hill. Only Stroke patients conveyed from home by ambulance will be brought directly to Craigavon Hospital.
  • The plan to implement the Regional Planned Surgical Hub at Daisy Hill is not affected by the specialist medical workforce challenges and the service will start next Monday 19th June, as planned.
  • There will be increased ambulance capacity for the Daisy Hill population, the Trust has committed to doubling its private ambulance capacity, which will now be available 24 hours a day 7 days per week, to release Northern Ireland Ambulance capacity and improve response times.
  • A new mobile MRI Scanner will be in place and operational at Daisy Hill by the end of July this year, providing vital diagnostic services that will reduce the need for patients to be transferred to Craigavon and other hospitals.
  • Maternity, paediatrics, cardiology, renal and all other services provided by Daisy Hill are stable and continue to provide high quality care.

Peter May has given a commitment to meet again with the Daisy Hill Future Group next week if we do not receive assurance that these actions to stabilise services are progressing quickly.  

To that end, it is the position of the Future Group that they are willing to work in close partnership with, and to support the efforts of all agencies and groups who are committed to supporting the retention and development of services at Daisy Hill Hospital.

A collective approach and close working partnerships will ensure that the voice of the citizens who need and depend on Daisy Hill Hospital will be heard at the very highest level and that the concerted pressure that can be brought to bear on those within the Trust and the Department of Health will produce the positive outcomes that we all require.

The Future Group will continue to champion the vital role that Daisy Hill plays in the health and wellbeing of our population, and to fight for the restoration of services at Daisy Hill. We are committed to ensuring that this outcome is achieved and that the promises around investment and development of the hospital are honoured.

We must collectively engage in promoting positive messaging that Daisy Hill is an excellent place to work. By doing so, we will be demonstrating our absolute support for staff who continue to provide the highest standard of care for our citizens.

Our collective strength and united approach in addressing these challenges is our best hope for reversing the situation at Daisy Hill and ensuring that the hospital will have a strong and vibrant future.