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RAW Fusion Launch For Worldwide Sales by Amanda and Rowan Kearns

Congratulations to our member, Inner Angel Wellness, Newry owned by Amanda & Rowan Kearns, on the launch of their new brand, ‘RAW Fusion’ a new product range of Bespoke Cold-Pressed Juices, Probiotics and Digestive Health Supplements.

Amanda & Rowan are both Registered Nutritionists, who have been specialising in Digestive and Immune Health for over 10 years with a clinic and team-based in Newry.

With product sales growing worldwide including Australia, Dubai, England and the US. Amanda & Rowan saw a gap in the market to scale up business and launched a new brand of products.

The development of RAW Fusion includes new product ranges, packaging and an e-commerce website designed to expand the growth of online sales worldwide.

RAW Fusion products have been designed following a range of research studies into the raw combinations of herbs, nutrients and bacterial strains tailored to specific medical symptoms.

Amanda Kearns, Registered Nutritionist at RAW Fusion commented:

“We created a range of supplement products that can be used as natural alternatives where research has shown Nutritional care may actually be more beneficial than prescription drugs.”

“The products created as RAW Fusion are designed to meet the needs of busy and stressed individuals or the ‘vertically ill’, who suffer from symptoms that impact their quality of life including stress, worry and a feeling of overwhelm.”

“The business vision came to her following the diagnosis of her father, Francie, who went for years undiagnosed, with a rare neurological disease. With no cure, all they could do was improve his quality of life.”

“Francie kept the faith and held on strong for so long because of sheer determination taking all health measures he could, including drinking raw juices, taking supplements, adopting a more plant-based diet and keeping active as well as possible.”

Since the passing of her father, Amanda has continued to focus her worldwide training on optimising the digestive system and its impact on overall health, the benefits of raw juices, supplements and nutritional diets.

To find out more and to see the new brand, visit RAW Fusion online at: