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Re-Gen Robotics Triumphs at 2020 Global Tank Storage Awards

Congratulations to our member, Re-Gen Robotics headquartered in Newry, who lifted the safety technology award at the 2020 Global Tank Storage Awards in Rotterdam, Holland for revolutionising safety in the tank terminal industry.

It was up against eight established tank terminal industry giants, but its fully integrated, no man entry, robotic technology was awarded for adding an additional layer of safety to oil terminals and eliminating the risk of injury or death to employees in the surrounding area.

Tank entry is widely recognised as being one of the most hazardous operations in the tank cleaning business and every year as many as 200 people across Europe, lose their lives working in confined spaces.

The award was presented to Re-Gen Robotics by Kathryn Clay, President of the International Liquid Terminals Association, who said:

“The 13-strong panel of judges recognised Re-Gen Robotic’s tank cleaning technology as a solid innovation and definitely in line with the way the industry is heading, in terms of improving safety, reducing costs and improving efficiency.”

Fintan Duffy, Managing Director of Re-Gen Robotics said:

“Last spring we launched the first and only Zone 0 EX Certified, remote controlled, ‘No Man Entry’ robotic tank cleaning company in the British Isles. The industry is embracing our technology, as the long-awaited alternative to ‘man entry’ cleaning.”

“We have invested more than £3 million in creating three purpose-built, explosion proof robots, designed to operate in the most inhospitable environments.”

“Our vision, to become the most efficient, safe and reliable tank cleaning service provider to the petrochemical industry has come to pass and we are absolutely thrilled to be recognised globally by our industry peers.”

“Re-Gen Robotics is providing a realistic and proven alternative to ‘man entry’ tank cleaning. The health and safety of personnel engaged in tank cleaning is paramount and using robotic equipment to carry out works in hazardous confined spaces is the most logical and safe way to clean tanks. It also creates a tremendous logistics cost and risk benefit for tank owners.”