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Re-Gen Waste Ltd Donate £60,000 of PPE to The Southern Trust

Incredible generosity from Re-Gen Waste Ltd, who are donating 50,000 pieces of PPE to The Southern Trust, totalling £60,000, to help protect key workers fighting COVID-19.

The Newry-based recycling company was sourcing PPE for its own essential staff, via its supply chain in China.

However, on learning from family and friends working in hospitals in The Southern Trust, that stock of vital PPE was running low, the management acted immediately to assemble a team to bring home extra PPE for them.

An additional £60,000 order was placed, comprising 24,000 pairs of medical hand gloves, 18,000 disposable surgical masks, 7,200 FFP2 masks and 480 sterile medical protective suits.

The flight from Shanghai carrying the vital PPE, touched down at Heathrow on Monday 27th April and is being road freighted to their Newry HQ on Friday 1st May.

From there, the consignment will be collected by The Southern Trust and delivered directly to frontline staff in Daisy Hill Hospital and Craigavon Area Hospital.

Aidan Doherty, Commercial Director at Re-Gen Waste Ltd said: 

“We were distressed to hear that healthcare workers in our own community were frightened to go to work because they were running out of much needed PPE supplies.”

“It was important to us that we did our bit to support the health and wellbeing of these incredible individuals who are putting themselves in harm’s way, to provide the very best care for their patients.”

“We approached The Southern Trust to check if this was the right thing to do, to sort logistics and to approve the specification of the PPE materials we could source, from our supplier.”

“Whilst Re-Gen was not able to help directly on the frontline, we were able to get the team at Re-Gen to do what they do best and source the equipment needed.”

“Anyone who is capable of helping right now, should be helping. We can have a direct impact on the number of lives protected and saved within our community.”