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RNN Communications Serves Up ‘TikTok Takeaway’

Our member, RNN Communications has just launched a new TikTok service, aptly named ‘TikTok Takeaway’, which is a content creation solution for brands that want to increase their brand presence and awareness on the ever-popular video platform.

TikTok is fast becoming the most engaged and downloaded social media platform for brands to reach and interact with new audiences. In response to an increased demand for the delivery of creative solutions for TikTok, RNN Communications’ ‘TikTok Takeaway’ service will provide a menu of options for brands.

Managing the entire process from creative direction and briefing to delivery of the final product in line with brand requirements, ‘TikTok Takeaway’ is here to make TikTok content creation efficient, saving time and resources for clients.

Riki Neill, Founder & Director of RNN Communications said:

“The popularity of TikTok continues to grow and shows no sign of waning. Focused on short-form video content, the platform has become the place that refers a significant amount of traffic of brands, with a conversion rate as high as “TikTok made me buy it” is real!”

“Over the past 12-18 months we’ve been building clients’ TikTok channels both here and in some European countries, so it made sense to open up this service to other brands and help them to get on board with TikTok. It’s not just about launching an account, it’s content, planning, consistency and connecting with audiences through smart and savvy content.”

RNN’s TikTok offering includes content creation from their team of digital executives who are supported by a wider network of brilliant content creators, ensuring ‘on brand’ content that taps into trends on the platform.

Jolene Kelly, PR & Social Consultant at RNN Communications added:

“Producing creative content that will engage users on a new platform can be a real challenge, that’s why we created TikTok Takeaway. On behalf of brands, we work with a network of homegrown expert TikTok creators to produce creative TikTok video content that will make an impression on the platform, maximising reach and awareness and connecting brands with a whole new audience.”

“TikTok Takeaway is here to make content creation as straightforward as possible for brands, offering a menu of content creation packages, with a three-tier service option and a range of additional support services.”

Find out more about RNN’s ‘TikTok Takeaway’:
W: www.rnncommunications.com or T: 028 9521 3621