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Rocketing into the city

25 new jobs have been created in the city centre by Irish company Eddie Rockets. The popular American style diner, has announced a £1m investment and the creation of 25 new jobs with the opening of its first ever diner in the north at the Quays Shopping Centre. Niall Fortune owner of Eddie Rocket’s Ireland commented: “We have opened our first ever outlet in Newry because we found a great location in the busy and vibrant The Quays Shopping Centre and we wanted to expand the Eddie Rockets experience and bring it to the people of Northern Ireland. The company owned pilot diner is now up and running with all systems and procedures working smoothly and while the doors have only been opened a couple of days the diner is already busy and we have been receiving positive feedback from customers who are delighted that Eddie Rockets has finally come to Northern Ireland. Having invested significantly in this new diner we are fully committed to bringing Eddie Rockets further afield and beyond Newry and are currently actively seeking to ensure additional franchises in a bid to expand the Eddie Rockets brand into Northern Ireland.” The new diner seats 80 people and is styled with the brand’s iconic vintage American dining booths and individual table jukeboxes.


Newry Democrat

27th January 2015