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Seatruck Ferries unite Chambers across the Irish Sea

The Newry Chamber President Michael McKeown welcomed President of the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce, John Regan to WarrenpointPort in a visit hosted by Alistair Eagles, CEO of Seatruck Ferries.

With a recent investment in two new freight ferries costing in the region of £70million for the Warrenpoint to Heysham route, transporting upwards of 100 trailers, twice a day and supporting 30 local jobs in the region, it was fantastic to see a snapshot of this in action at the port.  Mary Meehan, CEO and Executive Members of the Newry Chamber of Commerce marvelled at the scale and efficiency of the Seatruck Ferry and the precision and speed of the work at the docks.

Alistair Eagles, CEO of Seatruck Ferries commented “Warrenpoint Port is ideally located with easy access to both the north and south of Ireland and from there, I have absolutely no doubt that we can continue to grow our market share as the only operator 100% dedicated to freight in the Irish sea”. 

2016 has been a pivotal year for Seatruck with not only the additional capacity on this route but with the opening of the M6 link inEnglandwhich will greatly enhance the development of their routes from thePortofHeysham.  Both Chambers reflected on the similarities of both of the priority transport projects on either side of the Irish sea and committed to working in cooperation in lobbying efforts for the Southern Relief Road which will also bring huge economic and transport benefits to this region. 

President of Newry Chamber commented “We are delighted to welcome our colleagues from Lancaster Chamber here today and we congratulate them on their success at lobbying for their top priority transport project ‘The Heysham to M6 road link’.  Newry Chamber of Commerce is committed to continue to lobby and progress this priority project which will be a game changer for the future of the region”.