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The future is bright for city centre

A new group aimed at helping Newry fulfil its potential as a vibrant exciting city want to see the development of a central park, making better use of Newry’s waterways and the introduction of an annual music festival in the city. These are just some of the ideas presented at the inaugural meeting of Newry 2020 at the Sugar Supper Club on Wednesday night where over 30 people gathered to add their input on how to make the city a better place to live for residents and a more attractive destination for tourists. The group formed following a blog on Newry.ie in November detailing ideas for Newry attracted a lot of interest. Now the small but dedicated group wants to use its influence and imagination to help reinvigorate the city centre. Columba O’Hare from Newry 2020 said, “The purpose of the meeting was  for people to come up with ideas and get involved and get things of the ground. The idea that got  the biggest consensus on the night was the city centre park. Albert Basin was mooted and the linear park was mentioned in the Newry Masterplan was also suggested. Smaller ideas included an annual traditional music festival and guerrilla planting which is planting flowers in Hill Street where there is no real colour during the summer. It’s basically people taking it upon themselves to plant a few plants here there and anywhere. Other ideas that were mentioned were simple things like having a sign at the sun dial on Hill Street telling people how to use it. A lot of people do not know it’s there never mind knowing how to use it. That’s what the meeting was about to give people a chance to say what they think can improve the city and really tap into its potential. The next meeting is on Tuesday March 11 at 7.30pm again at the Sugar Supper Club. For further information on Newry 2020 and to find a full draft of proposals log on to www.newry/2020.com or find the group on Facebook at www.facebook/newry2020


Newry Democrat

18th February 2014