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Thousands expected for children’s festival

Sticky Fingers Newry will soon be welcoming more than 300 delegates from across Europe and beyond to the city as they will be hosting the Small Size Big Citizen Project. The event has been running across Europe for 5 years and will take place from Thursday February 6 to Monday February 9. Newry beat other kids from countries including Spain and Hungary in order to host the project. Sticky Fingers will be running a programme of events for children and families in venues across Newry which will be open to the public. It is believed that the festival will attract around 10,000 visitors to the area. Children’s Arts Assistant at Sticky Fingers Ceala Powell explained what the Small Size Big Citizen is all about. “It’s about bring these organisations together from around the world to show case children’s theatre and arts in Newry and to basically show how children’s theatre is not as publicised as other types of theatre. We want to show that children’s art is important in their development,” she said. “We showed that Newry is a city of children but we don’t have arts or facilities for them. We want to show case and develop that in Newry. On Wednesday February 5 the opening reception at Narrow Water Castle will take place where political and arts VIPs from both sides of the border will be in attendance and on Saturday February 8 there will be a Conference Symposium taking place in the Canal Court from 10am to 2pm. Finally the main spectacle of the festival will take place from February 7 to 9 at Narrow Water Castle. The Moondance sessions start at 6pm and go on until 8pm promising to entertain families with a fascinating magic and lights show as the sun goes down. There will be different shows and projects in different venues around Newry. Places like the Town Hall, The Arts Centre, Newry Tech and also in the Children’s Art House,” said Cela. “There will be different shows from Romania Austria and other parts of Europe. We also have our own shows on as well such as the Moondance which is the dragons. It will take place outside and will show case that theatre can happen outside and not is a restricted theatre. We will have different delegates from Spain France and Hungary etc to see these shows and Newry City. We are trying to show that we need more development and funding to put on more things like this and set up other projects.”


Newry Democrat

28th January 2014