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Thumbs Up For Natural Gas

firmus energy recently delivered an interactive safety talk to pupils from Rathore School about natural gas, how it is installed and the dangers surrounding construction activity.

The presentation from the health and safety specialists at the local natural gas company, explained the origin of natural gas, how it’s transported, its role within the home, followed by health and safety tips on how to identify danger around construction sites and keep out of harm’s way.

Chantal Hemphill, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at firmus energy explained:

“We have been building out a natural gas network across Northern Ireland for almost 13 years and are committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. Involvement in our local areas and an increased commitment to creating a positive impact are just two key values which underpin our CSR campaign.”

“We have successfully rolled out our school’s campaign in under a dozen schools within our network area. In a really fun, interactive presentation at Rathore Special School, Newry, we explored the origins of natural gas, the many benefits its serves within the home, whilst also reinforcing the safety message.”

“Young people can be curious about what we are doing and we believe it is important to educate pupils of the dangers of construction areas and would ask parents to reinforce this very important message.”

Eadaoin McNulty, Head of the Post 16 Group at Rathore School commented:

“We are grateful to firmus energy for taking the time visit some of our Post 16 pupils to educate them on natural gas. We are looking forward to working with firmus energy in the future as we begin exploring the topic of energy efficiency.”

“The session was very informative, fun and I know the pupils were especially excited to get to try on some of the helmets and hi-vis clothing.”