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Traders to meet Tesco challenge

Newry’s traders will meet the challenge posed by the impending opening of a Tesco superstore on the edge of the city centre according to the local Chamber of Commerce. Some traders have expressed concern that the new Downshire Road supermarket which is scheduled to open in the coming weeks will have a detrimental effect on other businesses in the city centre – to this end Newry Chamber of Commerce has issued a rallying cry. “The development is now a reality and we are sure our traders will meet the challenged posed by the new Tesco store in the same spirit they have met with various challenges in the past,” a chamber spokesperson said. “It is this spirit that has created a vibrant city centre and retail mix and we would encourage Newry people to support our city centre businesses.” With capacity for as many as 500 cars at the Tesco site and no traffic management system in place, the Chamber also said that it had major concerns in relation to how the opening of the store will effect traffic flow in the city. “Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade is on record as opposing this development because of the threat it would pose to our members trading in the city centre an d on the basis that it was contrary to existing planning guidelines,” the spokesperson said. “We welcome Tesco to our city as a major global brand. However it would have been preferred if it had been sited on any of the brown field sites available within the city centre. The development has also raised a key concern that there is no traffic management plan in place in what is already a heavily congested area around the Tesco site. Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade will be lobbying our local politicians to ensure that this is addressed as soon as possible.


Newry Reporter

8th May 2013