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Undercover success

Autoline Insurance Group has been crowned winner of a UK wide competition when Denise Curtis Personal Lines Manger of the Newry branch was awarded the title of Udercover Insurance Champion. The unique 5 part series based of the “Undercover Boss” model was hosted by leading UK Brokers magazine Insurance Age resulting in Autoline Newry’s own Denise beating of stiff competition from UK wide brokers to clinch the title. Throughout each of the online episodes Zurich bosses played the roles of Undercover Insurer judges and engaged with 3 UK brokers including Autoline Insurance representing Northern Ireland to understand some of the day to day issues and frustrations each business faced. Whilst Denise was unaware of their true identity she managed to impress the judges with her high level of customer service and management of customer concerns around the issue of fraud. As well as receiving this prestigious title Denise was awarded with a brand new Apple iPad, £1500 of personal development vouchers as well as the opportunity to spend a day with the Senior Management team at Zurich’s UK headquarters. Undercover Insurers Champion Denise Curtis said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have won the title of Undercover Insurer. It was such a good experience and this feeling was tripled when I found out what was really happening. Looking back I am even more delighted as the competition was so fierce up against some of the leading UK brokers.


Newry Democrat

1st April 2014