‘We help our members grow through a variety of networking opportunities.’

Upcoming Events at the HUB


  1. 1.       Ideation Camp Bright Ideas Programme

At The Hub Newry in partnership with Brilliant Red Consulting, 4th March 6.30pm – 9.30pm


If you know someone aged between 18-29 who’s thinking of starting a business or have an idea they’d love to explore but might need a little help to get to the next stage then this is for them and its FREE.







  1. 2.       The Launch of Woman Inspiring Women Community, to be a monthly evening meetup

At The Hub Newry Thursday 6 March, 7pm


Imagine if you were part of a community where people listened to what you wanted, and encouraged and inspired you to achieve it. A community where you were never judged or criticised, but listened to and respected. 


Would that interest you? Because that’s what Woman Inspiring Women offers you. A safe, supportive environment where you can share and learn from others. Where you can take time out for yourself, and mix with other women who have achieved – or are achieving – what they set out to do.


An evening meet-up once a month, with a different theme each month – for example: 

Taking time for yourself

Presenting yourself with confidence

Setting your goals





  1. 3.       Ecommerce Boot-camp:

At The Hub Newry, Thursday 13 March 2014 from 7pm to 9.30pm


Clear & simple, all you ever wanted to know about selling products or services online – but were afraid to ask. An evening learning from a Web Designer & Paypal Professional with instructions, showcases, Q&A plus tips and tricks to get you selling online using Paypal.