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US Trade Mission (March 2024) Newry Chamber Members’ Contact List

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Please see below, some of our member businesses who are either currently doing business in the United States or are seeking collaboration with US companies.

Company Name: Brack Tours
Contact Name: Nuala Develin Saul
Position in Company: Managing Director
Company Sector/Industry: Tourism
Website: www.bracktours.com
Email Address: nuala@bracktours.com
Phone Number: 028 3044 5060

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:
Brack Tours core market and client base has always been from USA. Having lived and worked in Boston for over 10 years, selling the island of Ireland, I moved home in 2005 with my family. We fell in love with the area, location and landscape and set up our base in Newry and have steadily grown our local team of staff.

We are proud to package an exceptional great value tour product  showcasing the Greater Newry Area as the perfect  “Hub- And-Spoke” tour base from which to discover the best of the region and Northern Ireland. We package using local suppliers from hotels, visitor experiences, coach and car rental and doing it all with best sustainable practices along the way, offering the best value and client experience, which all filters into revenue into the local economy in many forms and channels.

Business tourism is also an area we wish to grow, assisting local industries on how best to welcome, entertain and do business while hosting international delegates, allowing the perfect work and tour experience while visiting offering extension tours to business visits or planning longer stay sustainable work practices for all visitors and employee.

Company Name: Davidson McDonnell Solicitors
Contact Name: Christopher Bullock
Position in Company: Senior Solicitor
Company Sector/Industry:  Legal Services
Website: www.davidsonmcdonnell.com
Email Address:  christopher.bullock@davidsonmcdonnell.com
Phone Number: 07706 338 982

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Davidson McDonnell is a full service corporate law firm and advise some of Northern Ireland’s largest companies as well as international companies doing business in Northern Ireland.

We have the legal expertise and experience to assist any American companies who intend to do business in Northern Ireland or Great Britain and access to a wide network of professional advisers across UK and Ireland.

Company Name: Deirdre Maguire
Contact Name: Deirdre Maguire
Position in Company: Founder
Company Sector/Industry: Mental Health & Wellbeing
Website: www.deirdremaguire.com
Email Address:  freedom@deirdremaguire.com
Phone Number: 07771 692 641

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Our company is uniquely poised to deliver The Stress Solution System to businesses across the United States.

We understand the significant impact stress can have on productivity, employee morale, and overall organisational success.

With our comprehensive system, we offer practical tools, personalised support and measurable results to alleviate stress and enhance employee wellbeing.

Our proven track record, coupled with innovative strategies, positions us as a trusted partner for companies seeking to prioritize employee health and create a more resilient, thriving workplace culture.

Company Name: Fisher and Fisher Solicitors
Contact Name: Ronan McGuigan
Position in Company: Director
Company Sector/Industry: Legal Services
Website: www.ffsolicitors.com
Email Address: law@ffsolicitors.com
Phone Number: 028 3026 1811

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

We provide corporate and personal legal services including advice on NI Law (separate jurisdiction from Ireland and rest of UK).

Immigration matters, EU law, estate, property and probate matters and family law issues that regularly involve US citizens and corporations.

Company Name: Mitso Ltd
Contact Name: Maeve Finnegan
Position in Company: Managing Director
Company Sector/Industry: Digital Marketing & Brand Development
Website: www.mitsomarketing.com
Email Address: maeve@mitsomarketing.com
Phone Number: 07784 291 111

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

We currently have a number of clients in Bermuda and would like to expand our reach into the US market. We ideally would like to attract clients from Professional Services industries such as Finance, Insurance etc. but also those in Renewables and Sustainability, Education and FMCG.

Our ideal projects would be developing brand identities for clients, working to develop websites and ecommerce platforms and helping them to grow their business via targeted digital strategies including paid advertising and email.

Company Name: McNally’s Late Night Pharmacy
Contact Name: Jack McPolin
Position in Company: Director
Company Sector/Industry: Healthcare
Website: www.mcnallyspharmacy.com
Email Address: jack@smithspharmacy.ie
Phone Number: 07824 638 082

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

We provide medical supplies to US clients by mail order and for those that are home on vacation at preferential rates.

Company Name: Mourne Dew Distillery Ltd
Contact Name: Donal Farrell
Position in Company: Managing Director
Company Sector/Industry: Spirits & Liqueurs
Website: www.mournedew.com
Email Address: donal@mournedew.com
Phone Number: 07828 042 041

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

We offer a range of high quality award-winning whiskeys, poitíns, gins and vodkas. We seek customers for our products right across the USA.

Company Name: Newry Democrat
Contact Name: Robbie Abraham
Position in Company: Regional Advertising Manager
Company Sector/Industry: Media
Website: www.newrydemocrat.com
Email Address: robbie.abraham@alphamediagroup.co.uk
Phone Number: 07508 861 377

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

To promote local businesses to the bigger market place, to keep abrest of American companies who may be coming to set up in in the Newry & Mourne areas.

To keep any Newry & Mourne citizens living in America, informed of what’s happening over here.

Company Name: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
Contact Name: Oliver McAllister
Position in Company: Director & Chief Financial Officer
Company Sector/Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Website: www.norbrook.com
Email Address: oliver.mcallister@norbrook.co.uk
Phone Number: 028 3025 5258

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

We are a family-owned veterinary pharmaceutical company with our headquarters and manufacturing facilities based in Northern Ireland.

Whilst we have a global sales presence, the US is a particularly important market for Norbrook and we have both an office and distribution hub in Lenexa, Kansas.

We have a strong appetite to grow our sales and strengthen our business presence in the United States.

Company Name: Resonate Testing
Contact Name:  Tom Mallon
Position in Company: Founder
Company Sector/Industry: Technical Services
Website: www.resonatetesting.com
Email Address:  tommallon@thenacellegroup.com
Phone Number: 07711 126 257

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Resonate Testing supports a wide range of industries with fast and easy access to profession mechanical and environmental test services.

Newry-based Resonate Testing, is a family-owned and operated ISO17025 accredited test facilitator providing mechanical, environmental and bespoke test solutions for a range of industries required independent verification to a range on internal, international and regulatory compliance.

The current drive is to continue to expand into testing services for the Space and Rechargeable Battery industries, to complement our USP of aircraft powerplant level fire testing.

Company Name: Rosemary Connolly Solicitors Ltd
Contact Name: Rosemary Connolly
Position in Company: Principal Solicitor
Company Sector/Industry: Legal Services
Website: www.solicitorsni.net
Email Address: rosemaryconnolly@solicitorsni.net
Phone Number: 028 4175 3121

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Rosemary Connolly Solicitors Ltd is a specialist Employment and Equality Law firm headquartered in Warrenpoint, County Down and conveniently located on the North South Economic corridor equidistant from Belfast and Dublin.

Company Name: Selfish Beauty
Contact Name: Arlene Donnelly
Position in Company: Owner
Company Sector/Industry: Cosmetic Retail
Website: www.selfishbeautyonline.com
Email Address: selfishbeautyonline@gmail.com
Phone Number: +353 86 123 9907

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Collaborating with a US beauty business through strategic taxation can significantly amplify brand awareness for Selfish Beauty.

By navigating tax incentives and structures, we can optimise financial resources for targeted marketing initiatives, influencer partnerships and engaging promotional campaigns.

Establishing a tax-efficient presence could also facilitate partnerships with renowned US beauty brands, enabling the incorporation of their products into our offerings.

This not only enhances our product portfolio but also taps into established brand equity, attracting a wider consumer base. In essence, leveraging a tax-conscious approach fosters growth opportunities, elevates brand visibility and opens avenues for stocking premium US beauty brands.

Company Name: Smart Global Business Consultancy Ltd 
Contact Name: Rajni Savage
Position in Company: Managing Director
Company Sector/Industry: Business Management Consultancy
Website: www.smartglobalbusiness.co.uk
Email Address: sage@smartglobalbusiness.co.uk 
Phone Number: 07546 028 951

Interest in doing business with companies in the United States:

Global Markets:

  1. www.einternationaltrade.co.uk is an innovative trade platform for buyers and sellers of products and services to trade in the international market
  2. Global Hotel Bookings – Corporate, Business, Groups and Individuals
  3. Strategy Consultancy
  4. Digital and Technical Transformation
  5. Global Trade and Investments
  6. Sustainable Business and Commerce Solutions
  7. Market Entry and Growth and Development
  8. Global Partnership and Innovation