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Workshops In Customs Procedures & Paperwork: September – December 2020

As you will know, there remain four months until the end of the transition period and the most widespread changes for EU-UK trade and paperwork.
The UK has decided not to request an extension of the current transition period and there has been slow progress towards a possible EU-UK Free Trade Agreement.

Firms are being advised, once again, to prepare for the consequences of the UK’s EU exit, notably the Customs Documentation that will be required.

Trade Advisers will run a series of one-day workshops to help businesses to prepare for the complex paperwork required and will hold these workshops through Zoom video conferencing and their next series of events will take place on:

  • 10th September 2020
  • 17th September 2020
  • 7th October 2020
  • 14th October 2020
  • 20th November 2020
  • 25th November 2020
  • 3rd December 2020
  • 15th December 2020