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DoH Confirms Permanent Transfer of Emergency General Surgery from Daisy Hill Hospital to Craigavon

Further to the announcement by Peter May, the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health, that Emergency General Surgery is to be permanently relocated from Daisy Hill Hospital to Craigavon Area Hospital, the Daisy Hill Future Group has released the following statement:

“While the announcement from Peter May regarding the relocation of Emergency General Surgery (EGS) from Daisy Hill to Craigavon Area Hospital comes as no surprise, it is still a regrettable outcome.”

“The decision was driven by circumstances that are indicative of the serious problems affecting our health service both locally and regionally. A failure to recruit and retain senior surgical and medical staff has necessitated a reconfiguration of surgical services across the north.”

“The Daisy Hill Future Group has been seeking to address a raft of challenges facing our hospital and has been directly engaged with both the Southern Trust and the Department of Health to try to resolve these challenges and promote a positive development agenda.”

“We have consulted widely with a range of healthcare experts and political representatives to find workable and sustainable solutions. We have been greatly encouraged by the public displays of support for Daisy Hill and the continued excellent service provided by the hospital and its staff.”

“To that end, we have developed a robust and comprehensive plan for the future development of Daisy Hill as a general acute hospital serving the needs of our ever-growing population. Our Emergency Department is no longer under threat and stands as a model of excellence in the provision of emergency care.”

“We have lobbied for and secured significant investment for a much needed extensive electrical supply upgrade for the hospital and the transfer of the Council’s Monaghan Row site to the Daisy Hill Hospital estate to enable the expansion of services.”

“The provision of an MRI scanner on site has been secured, with plans approved for the development of a significant MRI/CT diagnostic suite. Daisy Hill is now firmly established as an elective overnight surgical hub with greatly enhanced surgical capacity, thereby addressing the significant regional waiting list for elective surgery.”

“We have worked closely with the Southern Trust to develop a comprehensive medical recruitment plan that has very successfully secured the services of a range of doctors, from consultants and middle grade to junior doctors, who will shortly take up post and will greatly enhance the profile of Daisy Hill as a vibrant training and teaching hospital.”

“We have also been very much involved in the planning of a new medical model for the hospital which will address both inpatient and outpatient needs on site and across the community.”

“The Daisy Hill Future Group continues to engage directly with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service to find workable solutions that will enhance the capacity of the ambulance service to meet the needs of the people of South Armagh, Newry and South Down. The continued absence of a politically accountable government is preventing much needed investment in this most vital of services.”

“The Daisy Hill Future Group is fully committed to continuing the work of building a positive future for Daisy Hill Hospital as a vital acute facility in the public health estate across this island. We will work with all agencies to ensure that the communities served by Daisy Hill receive the very best health care possible and our commitment to supporting the staff at Daisy Hill is absolute.”

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